Urban Youth Meetings

Urban Hope Indy hosts several youth meetings each month. Every Wednesday afternoon, a youth meeting occurs at The NEST Youth Center at 4306 E New York Street. Each meeting includes snacks, games and a brief time of sharing from mentors who want to see our youth reach their full potential. Friday night youth meetings are held at Woodruff Place Baptist Church at 1739 E Michigan Street. Youth from ages 12 through 18 are encouraged to attend.

The primary purpose of our gatherings is to share God’s unconditional love with our youth. Each soul is precious to Him, and it’s part of our mission to remind each one just how much He cares about them. His Word say he has plans for them, plans to profit them. Plans to give them hope and a future! We want them to know that their life can’t go any better than it can with a close, personal relationship with Him.

Most of our meetings begin with group introductions and a reminder of who God says we are. We want our youth to know their true identity. When they put their faith in Christ, God calls them His sons and daughters, His princes and princesses, the apple of His eye. They are eternally loved, completely forgiven, highly valued and fully capable. These aren’t our words. These truths are revealed throughout the Word of God.

A brief time of sharing these truths is followed by a time of sharing some tasty snacks and playing some crazy games. When you play dodgeball with us, you can be knocked out and then come back to life. When you play “bodyguard” with us, you may be asked to protect the President! We play volleyball with an oversized beach ball that you can hit off the wall or the ceiling to get it over the net. Sometimes we even do normal stuff!

Some of our youth make jewelry and play cards while listening to sweet, mellow tunes. Basically, we just hang out and do life together.

Feeling bored this week? Come to one of our youth meetings. You’ll have a great time and make some new friends!

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