Become a Mentor

Group Mentoring

Urban Hope hosts weekly interactive youth meetings that include encouraging lessons and fun activities. The meetings impart important life principles to help our youth understand their true identity and reach their full potential.
Group mentors may lead an activity, speak to our youth or simply assist at events. Refreshments are served, and there is always ample time to talk and make a new friend. 
Urban Hope uses a faith-based approach with proven programs such as the “I CAN” curriculum developed by The Zig Ziglar corporation. Our steps to success include: sustaining a positive mental attitude, maintaining a healthy self image, the importance of “good” relationships, setting personal goals and the path to achieving them. Urban Hope also shares key elements of, “The Purpose Driven Life.” “You were no accident!” “Your life has tremendous purpose!” We use “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” curriculum to emphasize “success” habits from both an individual and team perspective.
Our mentors play an important role in reinforcing these life-giving principles and values.

one-on-one mentoring

At-risk youth often move from one part of the city to another multiple times per year. In an underserved community, a child can live on the East side one week and on the West side the next.
Urban Hope Indy (UHI) created the JUST. ONE. LIFE. initiative to offer these youth an opportunity to stay connected with someone who cares–no matter where they live in our city.
Applicants apply on-line and are matched to a child who desires a mentor. After a brief screening process, an Urban Hope representative schedules a time for all parties to meet. Urban Hope mentors agree to connect with their mentee at least two times per month. It’s not difficult. Just be you.
Mentors are ordinary people who allow someone to see the hope within themselves. It’s not about being a perfect example. It’s about making someone better as a result of your presence and creating an impact that endures in your absence.

Mentor Training

Urban Hope develops mentors to serve the needs of at-risk children. New mentors are asked to participate in a few on-line training courses that will help prepare them for a successful youth mentor experience. Urban Hope also offers ad-hoc training sessions to mentors requesting additional help.

Want to sign your child up as a mentee?

You can sign up your child/children to become a mentee in the Urban Hope program. They will meet one-on-one with a mentor a few times a month. Having a mentor has shown to greatly impact children in all areas of their lives. Sign-up and we will match your child with a mentor just right for them!

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