Our Challenge

Urban Hope Indy exists to bring hope and vision to our city’s at-risk youth.  The future of our communities, indeed our world, lies with the success of our children, but the current state of affairs is alarming.  Over the past decade, America has witnessed the increasing blight of our at-risk children and the diminishing outcomes they face.  As reported by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, American children living in poverty increased by 41% from 2005 to 2013.  Only four cities in the country experienced larger increases than Indianapolis.  In the Spring of 2016, the Brookings Institution recently singled out greater Indianapolis in a nationwide study for growing rates of concentrated poverty.  Not surprisingly, neighborhoods with markedly higher percentages of impoverished residents have more negative outcomes:  higher crime, higher drop-out rates, increased teen pregnancy, increased single parent homes, lower levels of child healthcare and higher levels of child death rates.  Clearly, it is time for action.  Can the negative trends be broken?  We know they can.  One young life at a time.

Our Mission

Changing the course of lives in Indianapolis’ underserved communities through mentoring youth–instilling identity, developing vision and restoring hope.

Our Vision

Empowering at-risk youth in Indianapolis to reach their maximum potential and exceed their life dreams.