Get Involved

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Urban Hope needs people who have passion and compassion for souls in the city’s most under-served areas.
Whether you’re interested in working with children, rehabbing homes for the needy or connecting the needs of the under-served to necessary resources, we can put your talent to use. Our volunteer staff is the backbone of our organization. There would be no Urban Hope if not for people just like you. You can make a difference! Contact us today!


The NEST Youth Center serves hundreds of children throughout the year in their after school and Summer programs which are free of charge for the children who attend. If you are a parent or guardian who would like to help, please Contact Us today.


Are you a student looking for an internship or practicum experience? We would be honored to have you consider us. We have many projects and initiatives that could satisfy your coursework, and you will make business and personal relationships that will last a lifetime. Contact Us today!

Corporate Partners

There are multiple opportunities for businesses to become involved in Urban Hope: Event Sponsorship, Corporate Volunteers, Hosting Fundraisers, Corporate Donations and Donations of In-Kind Gifts.